Launching December 2020


Welcome to Meridian, the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Drunken Boat Anthology of New Writing a rousing collection of 37 voices, both established and emerging, from over 14 countries. This rich conversation epitomises a version of a meridian, a ghost map of connections, ranging from Hong Kong to the Gold Coast, Tokyo to Abu Dhabi, Singapore to Kabul, pulsing with story and song.

Edited by Tim Tomlinson, Sally Breen & Ravi Shankar

"What the Meridian anthology aspires to is nothing less than making an area of the globe a unity by establishing it another republic of letters—a huge, various, enormously vibrant area bound together by English as the lingua franca; an area exploding with young energy, where the need for self-knowledge that literature can supply is exigent and extreme. The book they’ve made is new and fresh and thrilling, suffused with the sense of a beginning but also with the sense of the perennial and the permanent."
Vijay Seshadri
Pulitzer Prize winner