The Versatile Translator

 Wednesday 5th December, 11:00-1:30PM

In literary translation, doing justice to the original text necessarily involves experimentation: trying out different words and phrases, tinkering with punctuation and sentence structure, deliberating which aspects of the text to preserve at the expense of others. But what are the guiding principles that determine these decisions? And how might these principles change?


Ode To Country

 Thursday 6th December, 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Drawing on story-telling traditions of the Ode and Indigenous song-lines, Samuel shows how we can still acknowledge ritual in our day-to-day lives and communities. Whether you want to write an ode to country for a housewarming, wedding or the passing of kin, this workshop/creative discussion looks at ways of acknowledging country without appropriating Indigenous culture while keeping the integrity of the message. Please join us for what can be a constructive session in creative community engagement, and please bring an ode, or idea for an ode, to share!


Bashō’s Guide to Writing Images

 Friday 7th December, 1:30 - 3:30PM

A master of concrete language, Japanese haiku poet Matsuo Bashō is a useful guide for how to render the world in clear and concise images. Join this workshop to read and discuss haiku images, and to learn how to write your own memorable images. The session will include an in-class writing activity and a discussion of participants’ work.


Why just be a traveller? Be a travel writer!

 Wednesday 5th December, 1:45-3:45PM

You love travelling. Then why not share your travel experiences with a wider world? But is there any new place left to discover? Are there any new things left to write? How can a travel writer survive in these times of TripAdvisor and Google Image Search?

In this workshop, travel writer and photographer Shivaji Das will explain the essentials of travel writing in our current age, with tips on getting published in various online and print platforms.  The workshop is aimed at beginners as well as budding travel writers.


Devising and Writing for Theatre

 Thursday 6th December, 2:00 - 4:30 PM

In this workshop Shock Therapy Co-Founders, Sam Foster and Hayden Jones will take you through their unique process of creating new, original theatre.  Using true stories as a starting point Sam and Hayden will show you how to use devised scenarios to generate dramatic content and engaging narratives.  They will demonstrate how these devised scenarios can then be pieced together to form the basis for characters, relationships, scenes and entire plays.  The workshop is focused on process as opposed to outcomes and aims to give you an insight into a different approach to writing for the stage.