Ticket Prices:

There are three options for you to access the program. Single session tickets, one day passes or a three day pass. See below for description of each ticket type and make a selection.

Please note that workshops are not included in the passes or as part of the delegate registration. Check out the workshops page for more information.

Single Session Ticket: $18 Full price / $15 Concession. For individual sessions refer to that specific session for ticketing information.

One Day Festival Pass: $50 Full price / $45 Concession. Day passes include access to all session on the selected days. Excludes workshops, and does not include catering. You can select your day for a pass below.

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Program Pass Three Day Access: $120 Full price / $100 Concession. Includes access to all sessions between 5-7th of December, excluding workshops and catering.

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