Why just be a traveller? Be a travel writer!

 Wednesday 5th December  1:45-3:45PM  G40 3.71 Red Zone Conference Room

You love travelling. Then why not share your travel experiences with a wider world? But is there any new place left to discover? Are there any new things left to write? How can a travel writer survive in these times of TripAdvisor and Google Image Search? In this workshop, travel writer and photographer Shivaji Das will explain the essentials of travel writing in our current age, with tips on getting published in various online and print platforms.  The workshop is aimed at beginners as well as budding travel writers. The workshop will aim to answer the following questions:

  • How has travel writing evolved?
  • How can I write a great travel story?
  • What should I include and what should I exclude?
  • How do I structure the flow of my writing?
  • What kind of pictures and multimedia can I use to enhance my story?
  • Who should I approach for publication?
  • How should I write the pitch?
  • How do I create and sustain my brand as a travel writer?

Workshop run by Shivaji Das Writer, traveller, and photographer; Shivaji Das is the author of ‘Angels by the Murky River: Travels Off the Beaten Track,’ Yoda Press (2017), ‘Journeys with the caterpillar: Travelling through the islands of Flores and Sumba, Indonesia (2013),’ and ‘Sacred Love: Erotic art in the temples of Nepal,’ Mandala Publications/ Aadarsh Books (under publication, e2017). Shivaji’s writings have been published in magazines such as TIME, Asian Geographic, Venture Mag, Jakarta Post, Conscious Magazine, PanaJournal, Freethinker, etc.   He has given talks on topics ranging from Travel Writing, Humour in Cross-Cultural context, and the culture of Indonesia in universities and forums in Singapore, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil. His interviews have been featured on BBC, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Travel Radio Australia, Around the World TV, Radio Roaming, and Singapore Discovery Centre’s IFD exhibition.  He has been featured or booked for appearance at literary festivals in Singapore (SWF), Botswana (Maitisong), Japan (JWC), Cambodia (Kampot), Indonesia (ASEAN lit fest), Malaysia (Georgetown) and the Philippines (Cebu LitFest). His photographs in collaboration with his wife, Yolanda Yu, have been exhibited in the Darkroom Gallery, Vermont (USA), Kuala Lumpur International Photography Festival (Malaysia), the Arts House (Singapore), and the National Library (Singapore).  You can purchase your tickets in US$ or AU$. Please make a selection below.

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