Ode To Country: A creative approach to acknowledging country, place, events and people

 Thursday 6th December  10:00AM - 1:00PM  Boomerang Gallery -  27 Margaret St

*You have to make your own way to the gallery. We suggest getting together with a few of the people going from Surfers Paradise and sharing a quick Uber ride together. 

Drawing on story-telling traditions of the Ode and Indigenous song-lines, Samuel shows how we can still acknowledge ritual in our day-to-day lives and communities. Whether you want to write an ode to country for a housewarming, wedding or the passing of kin, this workshop/creative discussion looks at ways of acknowledging country without appropriating Indigenous culture while keeping the integrity of the message. Please join us for what can be a constructive session in creative community engagement, and please bring an ode, or idea for an ode, to share!

Workshop run by Samuel Wagan Watson

Samuel Wagan Watson was born of Wunjaburra/Munanjali and German heritage. Samuel is a writer who lives and works on the southside of Brisbane. His poetry has been awarded accolades, such as the David Unaipon Award for Emerging Indigenous Writers, The Kenneth Slessor Prize, The New South Wales Premier’s Book of the Year and the Victorian Scanlon Award. Samuel’s poetry has been translated into a dozen languages and is the subject of music, film and television projects that have been  interpreted into public art projects throughout Brisbane. His work has even found a home on the International Space Station under a commission from the Japanese Aeronautical Exploration Agency. He has just completed a publication for Sydney’s Museum of Arts and Applied Sciences, which is a combination of poetry, prose and technical writing entitled ‘The Time Traveller’s Baggage’. Samuel is enrolled on an Indigenous Creative Writing program at the Batchelor Campus of the Northern Territory’s Charles Darwin University. His work is published by University of Queensland Press.

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