Devising and Writing for Theatre

 Thursday 6th December  2:00 - 4:30PM G07 Drama Theatre

In this workshop Shock Therapy Co-Founders, Sam Foster and Hayden Jones will take you through their unique process of creating new, original theatre.  Using true stories as a starting point Sam and Hayden will show you how to use devised scenarios to generate dramatic content and engaging narratives.  They will demonstrate how these devised scenarios can then be pieced together to form the basis for characters, relationships, scenes and entire plays.  The workshop is focused on process as opposed to outcomes and aims to give you an insight into a different approach to writing for the stage.

This workshop requires no experience in acting or theatre, just an open mind and a willingness to play and explore!

Workshop run by Shock Therapy Productions

Shock Therapy Productions is a Gold Coast born arts company founded in January 2015 by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones.  Shock Therapy Productions has quickly established itself as a leading company in the delivery of high quality, relevant, multidisciplinary performance, and a leader in the Arts and Culture sector on the Gold Coast and in South East Queensland.  Company founders Sam Foster and Hayden Jones have a wealth of industry experience, artistic vision and enthusiasm that drives the ethos of the company. Shock Therapy Production’s vision is to create Provocative Arts Experiences through storytelling that explores what it is to be human - provocative, challenging, uplifting and impactful.

Shock Therapy have been awarded the Matilda Award for Best Independent Production for the last 3 consecutive years and have also been finalists in the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneurs Awards for the past 2 years. The company received funding from the City of Gold Coast between 2015 – 2018 to assist with establishing the organisation and aid in the growth of the Arts and Cultural sector of the entire Gold Coast. Shock Therapy’s work has been commissioned by major festivals, been published by Playlab, toured both nationally and internationally and been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

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