Dinner and Music - 7 PM - Island Hotel 

Join APWT participants, speakers and friends for a sumptuous gourmet dinner inspired by the iconic Aussie BBQ. Held at Level 12 The Island Hotel's spectacular penthouse function space with an exclusive performance from music, dance and urban fusion star YT Dingo this will be a night to remember. Eat, drink, mingle and dance under the open roof as DJs GD FRNDS bring the party.  


YT Dingo - Gold Coast via Coffs Harbour artist YT Dingo – also known as the courageous choreographer – Travers Ross has entered the musical fray in full Michael Jackson meets Linkin Park mode. His new single and video ‘Shipwrecked’ is an insane offering and the team he’s brought together highlights the deep connections he has across the city’s creative community. Travers has collaborated with Dave Atkins (Resin Dogs/ Wolfmother/Azalea banks) and was a choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance (Channel 10) for three years. He has founded two hip hop schools and toured extensively internationally in urban arts arenas. He works with Beyond Empathy and Slippery Circus running programs in Australian capital cities and remote communities with disadvantaged youth. Travers recently founded the creative production agency AWE Mill and is creative director of the culturally diverse all male dance company S.O.A.

GD FRNDS - We are GD FRNDS an independent record label and public relations agency aimed at bringing together the beautiful and the boutique of the music world throughout Australia. GD FRNDS DJS is a collaborative effort between the team and the artists that make up the family, playing music to make you dance.

Dinner is pre-paid online only and includes a welcome drink. There is a cash bar where you can purchase drinks.

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