What the participants say:

Melissa Lucashenko (Author)
‘What an extraordinary melting pot APWT is! In one place in a few short days I was able to meet and talk with writers from Indonesia, Aboriginal Taiwan, Iran, Iraq, Singapore, the Philippines, and of course, mainland China…I left the conference overwhelmed with new information and really keen to expand on my infant-level knowledge of Chinese society and culture. I was pleased to be able to contribute some stories and knowledge of Aboriginal Australia to writers in the region, many of whom seemed fascinated by Aboriginal culture…’

Benjamin Law (Author, Screenwriter)
‘The APWT allowed me to make connections and expand my own personal networks in ways that would’ve been otherwise impossible. I’m now exchanging and comparing notes with fellow writers from North America, Europe and – yes – Australia, about our work, with a special focus on trans-national identity… There are very few opportunities for translators and writing professionals to share and compare ideas directly. This is vital, as the stories we tell about ourselves and each other have deep cultural, geopolitical and economic dimensions and ramifications.’

Alexandra Büchler (Director, Literature Across Frontiers)

‘Thank you for a very stimulating conference!’





Michael Brennan (publisher, Vagabond Press)
‘APWT is at the forefront of the sort of open transnational community needed not simply to promote a shared love and enjoyment of writing but to develop professional and personal ties between the various remarkable and vibrant literary communities within our region and so to generate and promote greater cross-cultural understanding, connection and collaboration.’



Linda Jaivin (author and translator)
‘The contacts I made at the conference - some of whom I had met previously at the APWT conference in Singapore or through other channels - resulted in invitations to other events and new or deepened friendships along with an expanded professional network in the region.’




Julie Koh (author)
‘I had a really fabulous time—especially hanging out with all the Aussies—and was approached by Giusi Tamburello about a potential Italian translation for my book.’




Tim Tomlinson (New York Writers Workshop)

‘I expect a couple of opportunities might materialize out of these sessions…Brava once again. We love the conferences, and we truly hope to be present for Bali and Brisbane.’




Sally Breen (Griffith University Core Partner representative). 'Several other current undergraduate students attended the conference on the strength of recommendations made by staff and benefited from the significant international network the APWT provides. An example of this reach is evidenced by International connections set up at previous APWT conferences which have led to significant outcomes – flow on effects that will no doubt also flourish in the wake of this years gathering. Since joining APWT for the first time in Singapore in 2014 Dr Sally Breen has been elected to the board of the APWT and represents Griffith University as a major contributing partner to the organisation. As a direct result of her participation over the last three years she has had creative and creative non-fiction work published in the Indian journal Open Road REVIEW and the Asia Literary REVIEW. Via contacts established at the Manila Conference in 2015 Sally has been invited to participate in two major literary festivals in India – the Pune Literary Festival 2016 and the Bangalore Lit Fest 2016. The connections work both ways and have also proven to be fruitful for the creative writing major with two APWT members visiting the campus as Writers in Residence during 2016 – both Joshua Ip award winning Singaporean poet and American-Indian poet, author and translator Ravi Shankar featured at special guest reading events on the Gold Coast Campus.'