Instruction for book launches in Bali

If you want to propose to have your book launched in Bali please provide the following information by emailing them to [email protected] no later than 15 August. Make sure you put Bali book launch in the subject.

Note that not all books proposed will be launched as they need to reviewed by a selection team.  We will inform you of the decision if your book can be launched by end of August.  While we encourage books in other languages, they must have an English translation to be eligible for submission.

Please note: We will only launch books that are published in 2017.

  • For APWT reference, a copy of the work in PDF format so that it can be sent to a selection team; (this will be kept confidential and destroyed after the selection process)
  • A 1 page information on the book.  Include: a 200 word synopsis, ISBN number, publication date, and where the book may be purchased (If a book is self published and unavailable for purchase either on-line or through a book store, there is little reason to “launch” the book.) Make sure you include a link if you have any. Please also include the original language of the book and if translated the name of the translator.
  • Biographical information about the author in English of around 150-200 words (for use in the program book if the author’s work is selected) 
  • A high resolution photograph of the author
  • A high resolution cover image.

This year we will be printing books launched in our program booklet so make sure the images you send us are high quality and printable, 300 dpi.