Bali Program:
Here is the full Bali program. Click here to view/download.


About the venue:

This year's APWT event will be hosted by the Ganesha University of Education also known as Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha.

Established in 1955, it is a state institution of higher education specialising in teacher training. 

The University is about a three hour drive from Denpasar. A windy road through mountains and amazing views will take you away from the touristic hubs of Bali and into an area many who go to Bali do not experience.

Getting There:

Singaraja is about 2 to 3 hours drive from the airport. Ground transport - taxi or bus - is the only way to get into the area. There are three main routes to get there: east via Kintamani, taking in the stunning active volcano and mountain vistas; west via Pupuan, through beautiful rice-paddies, spice and coffee plantations; and central, via Bedugul famous for its market and botanical gardens. No matter which way you chose to come through, it is stunning.

By Taxi:

A prepaid taxi from the airport will cost around Rp 600,000. Some hotels will arrange pick up.

By Bus:

Singaraja has three bus terminals. Local memos (or mini buses) ferry passengers between the three terminals, many of which are blue.

  • Banyuasri Terminal is west of the town centre on Jalan Jendral Achmed Yani, and operates buses and bemos to all points west. Buses to and from Gilimanuk (2 hours, about Rp 30,000) and bemos to Lovina (20 minutes, Rp 10,000) arrive and depart from here. There are also several long distance bus companies here who have overnight services to and from Surabaya and further afield in Java.
  • Penarukan Terminal is about 2.5km east of town and is served by buses and bemos from Batubulan terminal in Denpasar (2.5-3 hours). Local bemos arriving from and departing to East Bali also operate from here.
  • Sukasda Terminal is 3 km south of the city and is served by buses from Ubung Terminal in Denpasar. This route goes via Bedugul and is the cheapest way for budget travellers to get to Singaraja (and on to Lovina) from there.

We are working towards arranging some buses between Denpasar and the University, and also from the University to Ubud after the end of our event.  Watch this space for more information on this.

Accomodation during APWT:

There are plenty of available accomodation near the University at a range of prices.  We recommend to stay in Lovina.  It is a twenty or so minute drive from the university and a good place to stay.  We are working on arranging transport between hotels and the university and will keep you posted.

You may want to organise amongst yourselves to stay in this same place.  There are also options for shared villas where several people can stay in a big villa each with their own private bathroom. If you can't find something you like on this list, you can do a search on and do a map search and a lot of options do come up in the area.

Below are some places at a range of prices suggested by our host.  Prices indicated below are estimates and depend on the hotel's discretion and time of booking.

Remember you can always look at various AirBnb options and share private between you.  Some of them are really beautiful and can be very cost effective if shared.

Accomodation for Ubud:

If you are continuing on to attend the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, there is plenty of options in Ubud as well. We recommend you choose a place to stay near the festival event because Ubud tends to have bad traffic. The Main Program takes place on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, just five minutes drive from Ubud Centre. The Main Program venues are Taman Baca, Indus Restaurant and Neka Museum.

Discount for APWT registered participants at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival:

Remember if you take part in APWT in Bali and have paid your registration, you are entitled to a discount for your Ubud Writers and Readers Festival Pass. Click here for more information.