Kiran Bhat

I am an Indian-American polyglot traveler, and writer. I have been to about 132 countries as of now, lived in 18 pockets of the planet, and picked up 12 languages. My life of travel and eternal wandering is a result of my desire to create a literature of globalisation, something which pushes us beyond our concepts of borders and forces the reader from a structural perspective to think globally. I am also the author of the Spanish-language poetry collection Autobiografia (Letrame Editorial, 2019) and the Mandarin-language poetry collection Kiran Speaks (White Elephant Press, 2019), as well as the Kannada-language travelogue Tirugaatha (Chiranthana Media Solutions, 2019), the Portuguesee language short story collection Adentro Afora (Editorial Labrador, 2020) and the novel we of the forsaken world... (Iguana Books, 2020)

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