Alexandra Buchler

Alexandra Büchler is founding Director of Literature Across Frontiers - European Platform for Literary Exchange, Translation and Policy Debate. A Czech-Australian living in the UK, she has worked as cultural manager, literary translator and editor for the past three decades and has served on the board of the advocacy network Culture Action Europe and of the UK Translators Association. She currently serves on several working groups and steering committees dealing with international literary exchange and translation, and is a member of the Advisory Board of APWT. As translator and editor she has published more than twenty books of fiction and poetry, as well as publications on visual arts and architecture, and edited six anthologies of short fiction, including collections of Czech writing in English translation and of Australian and Greek writing in translation into Czech. Among the authors she has translated into Czech are J.M. Coetzee, David Malouf, Jean Rhys, Janice Galloway, Gail Jones, Jeanette Turner Hospital and Antigone Kefala. Her most recent translations into English are a Czech modern classic, The House of a Thousand Floors by Jan Weiss (CEUP, 1916) and Dream of a Journey: Selected Poems by Kateřina Rudčenková (Parthian, 2022) and anthologies Zero Hours on the Boulevard and Ulysses’ Cat. She was the series editor of New Voices from Europe and Beyond, anthologies of contemporary poetry in translation, from Arc Publications (2006-2016), UK. Facebook: Alexandra Buchler and Literature Across Frontiers, Twitter: @BuchlerAlex @MakingLitTravel

Member Since: 6/26/2016

Country: Unted Kingdom / Australia / Czech Republic

Identity: Festival Organiser

Workplace: Literary Organisation

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